Professor Ir Ts Dr Show Pau-Loke

How will Internet of Things drive the industrial revolution in microalgae technology?

In recent years, Liquid Biphasic System (LBS) has become a proven tool used in separation and purification technology for circular bioeconomy in microalgae biorefinery. The application of Internet of Things (IoT) in LBSs in clarification, partitioning and partial purification of biomolecules and bioproducts had showed the rapid development. This method is able to give high recovery yield and high purity in a single step. The LBS shows characteristics of high selectivity and is easily to scale up. Therefore, LBS offers an attractive alternative that meets the requirements of the high demand in industry processes and it is also beneficial in terms of economic and environmental protection. This presentation aims to share on the recent literature works in the development of different type of LBSs and their applications in novel separations and purifications of biomaterials. Hopefully this presentation will be able to build solid research collaborations among the participants in this international conference.